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Nikki Sneller

We love the house and both the inspection and re-inspection definitely gives us peace of mind and assurance of the house’s condition. Thanks again for your help.


Thanks for taking the time to come out and look at our place. We are extremely happy with your services and the report! There were a lot of things that you mentioned that were already on my “hit list” to fix and a lot of things that we didn’t realize. I guess my question would be is: what would you recommend we fix first? We already had the garage panel replaced because that was just straight up spooky, so that has us thinking we should fix the rest of the electrical issues. Aside from all that we were really impressed with the professionalism you both present both on the phone and in person! Thank you for your service and keep up the great work!

Troy and Kelsey

Thank you again for the thorough and educational inspection. I do appreciate you taking the time to answer and clarify any concerns. Based off of your findings and our own observations we have decided to withdrawal our offer on the begich rd home. However we have put another offer in on another home and will be in contact with you for future assistance. Thank you again


Thank you so much once again for taking the time to do my inspection on Saturday. I don’t think I could be more pleased with Troy’s inspection or the well written report. And the bonus materials have added invaluable peace of mind for me. I look forward to recommending you folks to all friends and family.

Dan Sonju

I have had a chance to review the home inspection. It is well detailed, prompt and extremely organized. I am completely satisfied and greatly appreciate your service and subsequent follow-ups. If I ever find myself in need of another inspection or have friends that need your service I would recommend you readily. Thanks again, Dan Sonju

Mike and Kelly

You went above and beyond our expectations and we thank you for your attention to the details on our (hopefully soon to come). The only thing we need to revisit is looking at the water. Brandi let us know that the water is now active. Outside of that we have a meeting with a GC on Thursday that we should be working with on some of the immediate fixes. If needed I will ensure he call you to address any questions.

Brandon and Savannah Montano

Hello! Thank you so much for your wonderful service. You were so thorough and enthusiastic about your work. The inspection report was very clear and easy to understand. We are currently working out an agreement with builder. I believe he has agreed to repair just about everything on it. We do not have any questions as of now, but feel comfortable asking you if any arise. And we will most definitely be recommending you. Thank you again for your service.


We have had a chance to read your inspection documents. Thank you very much for such a clear report. I appreciated the clear explanation and the accompanying pictures. It really has helped us in determining what needs to be done on this house and what kind of commitment we are undertaking. If I know of anyone looking for inspection services, I would not hesitate in recomending you.


Thank you for the thorough report :). It’s very easy to read and well organized! We would like to say again just how impressed we are with your work. You guys exude the epitome of professionalism and customer service. We will be referring you to our friends and family :).

Aaron and Lottie

Thank your for the follow-up. We got the report and have read through it. Everything is very organized and easy to read and understand. My wife and I are currently waiting on a response to the repair amendment, and once the agreed repairs are completed, I will be requesting your services again to inspect those repairs. Again, thank you for your help.