Pre-Listing Inspections

Many sellers chose to get a home inspection before they list their property for sale. This allows them to identify what items need repair or replacement before a buyer makes an offer. This also allows them to make the corrections on their time table, often months in advance; using contractors they have researched to complete the repairs. If there are corrections they do not wish to make; or can’t due to seasonal conditions, they can get estimates, to better inform them how to price the home or negotiate the sale. This can significantly increase their sales price. Sharing the home inspection with potential buyers provides full disclosure of what was found and repaired.

Having a proactive home inspection on your home also can improve your marketing and closing time. Potential buyers will be more attracted to your home knowing you have taken the initiative to get a home inspection and make corrections.

To get ready for the inspection you can do a few things to help your inspector, make sure:

  • Breaker panel is accessible
  • Heating appliances and hot water heater accessible
  • Attic and crawl space accessible
  • We love pets but you may want to secure your pets

Thanks for taking the time to come out and look at our place. We are extremely happy with your services and the report! There were a lot of things that you mentioned that were already on my “hit list” to fix and a lot of things that we didn’t realize. I guess my question would be is: what would you recommend we fix first? We already had the garage panel replaced because that was just straight up spooky, so that has us thinking we should fix the rest of the electrical issues. Aside from all that we were really impressed with the professionalism you both present both on the phone and in person! Thank you for your service and keep up the great work!