Commercial Building Inspections

An inspection on any existing commercial real estate.

The inspection will be performed to the ASTM American Society of Testing Materials E2018-01 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments.

The final report will be delivered via email.

The report highlights the condition of the structure with the findings being the same if the seller, buyer or lender ordered the report. This type of inspection may also require the use of a “team” of professionals, such as heating and air conditioning experts, electrical contractors, plumbing professionals, roofers and engineers as needed. An environmental assessment may also be needed of the buildings and grounds for potential health hazards or past contamination.

You went above and beyond our expectations and we thank you for your attention to the details on our (hopefully soon to come). The only thing we need to revisit is looking at the water. Brandi let us know that the water is now active. Outside of that we have a meeting with a GC on Thursday that we should be working with on some of the immediate fixes. If needed I will ensure he call you to address any questions.

Mike and Kelly