Home Inspection Consultation Services

A consultation can be provided to the seller instead of a complete home inspection and written report. We will go through the home with the seller pointing out items that should be corrected prior to putting the home on the market. There is no report generated and the owner takes their own notes for future reference.

A consultation maybe used to answer questions about specific conditions of a home, rental units or commercial real estate. Examples would be a roofing inspection, plumbing inspection, foundation inspection, attic inspections, moisture inspection, electrical systems or other problematic issues.

We also provide consultations on a complete structure by walking through with the client and discussing items that need to be corrected.

We have had a chance to read your inspection documents. Thank you very much for such a clear report. I appreciated the clear explanation and the accompanying pictures. It really has helped us in determining what needs to be done on this house and what kind of commitment we are undertaking. If I know of anyone looking for inspection services, I would not hesitate in recommending you.