Mold Sampling

When a sample or samples are taken for microbial growth the process typically is to take air or contact samples, or in some cases both. These are obtained from the suspect areas as well as a control sample at the exterior of the property. The control sample gives us a baseline as to what is “ambient” in the air at that time, so that it can be determined what additionally the indoor samples may have and can be compared to what is present everywhere.

When air samples are taken, we use an air pump that pulls a calibrated volume of air across a membrane of an “Airocell” canister that attracts any airborne particles. The sample is drawn for a consistent period of time, and we use the same volume / time ratio on each sample to help give us a uniform sampling.

With a contact sample; a tape lift is most common, but a swab sample can also be taken.

The sampling is completed with a well-documented chain of custody and often photos of the locations where the sampling occurred. Yes,..there is an “App” for that.

Once all of the samples are collected, they are packaged and sent to a laboratory for professional analysis. Normally we can have results back within a week.

A mold remediation specialist will then choose the proper remediation process so it is the most effective method for the best price. Lastly they will typically advise on a post inspection and test to ensure the indoor air quality is acceptable, and the work completed correctly.