We provide these inspections throughout Anchorage, Eagle River, Chugiak, Palmer, Wasilla, Sutton and Big Lake, Alaska. We do travel statewide with the travel expense being added to the cost of the inspection. Email: for more information.

Home Inspections

A home inspection from Home Inspections Plus+ is a comprehensive evaluation of the home from the foundation through the roof. It is a visual inspection of the property without any structural invasion. The inspector is looking for safety issues and repair items, not cosmetic issues. Your participation in the inspection process is important and the typical inspection takes between and hour and a half and two hours on site. The final report will be delivered via email; usually within 24 hours. The report highlights the condition of the home with the findings being the same if the seller, buyer or lender order the report.

Presale Inspection - Many sellers chose to get a home inspection before they list the property for sale. This allows them to know what items need to be repaired or replaced before a buyer makes an offer. This also allows them to make the corrections on their time table and using contractors they have researched to complete the job. If there are repairs they do not wish to make; they can get estimates, so they know how to price the home or negotiate. Sharing the home inspection with potential buyers is a full disclosure of what was found and repaired.

Purchase Inspection - The buyer should always consider a home inspection before they purchase a home. Even a newly constructed home should be inspected by a third party inspector. Many times when a home is built the same inspector does all of the phase inspections; another set of trained eyes is valuable. If you are buying the home “AS IS” you should still get a home inspection to make sure you are aware of the defects and how serious they may or may not be.

Warranty Inspections - This inspection done before a home warranty from a builder has expired. The owner typically orders this at month 11 of a one year warranty. This inspection can be very helpful for the owner to provide to the builder and documents the concerns found during the inspection.

All of the above inspections include a Recall Chek report on all of the appliances.

Re-Inspection - Once the agreed repairs are complete, this inspection verifies the work has been completed to correct the issues.

Construction Phase Inspections - Inspections are in accordance to the International Code Council (ICC). The inspector must be a Combination Dwelling Inspector which has passed the exams for structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing. There is a minimum of five inspections required during the course of the construction.

Draw Inspections - Inspections requested by lenders to justify the amount requested by a borrower of the progress of a home. We provide these types of inspections for several lenders.

Commercial Inspections - An inspection on any existing commercial real estate.

Consultation Inspections- A consultation to answer questions about specific conditions of a home, rental units or commercial real estate. Examples would be, a roofing inspection, plumbing inspection, foundation inspection, attic inspections, moisture inspection, electrical systems or other problematic issues